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Name:Zander Louis Carlyle
Birthdate:Feb 19
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Zander Louis Carlyle was and identical twin born in London, and came after two older sisters and fifteen minutes after his twin brother. However, tragedy would strike when his mother and father were driving home from the hospital when an electrical fault in their car caused it to ignite. Their father stopped the car and managed to get Zander out, however when he went back for Zander's twin brother, Zayne, the car exploded, killing the all three of them. Zander was the only one who survived, left on the side of the road in a pile of blankets.

Following the terrible events, Zander and his sister, four and six years older than him, went to live with their grandparents in Surrey, who were soon awarded full custody of them. They were the only parental figures Zander ever knew, and to this day, his loves his granny and grandpa. The family was wealthy and although they had to employ a part-time nanny to help them, they still made sure they were as hands-on raising the kids as they could be. When it came to Zander and his sisters, however, there wasn't a lot of love lost. Both of them had silver spoon syndrome and grew up snooty and spoiled. The sibling rivalry was real, and Zander was constantly being blamed for things he didn't do. He preferred to play with the boys in the country estate up the road from them. The distance between him and his sisters never got much better as they got older. As a result, they were never close siblings, so he was over the moon when his grandparents decided to adopt another child who had been left without parents following a car accident. Paxton was the same age as Zander, though where Zander had dark hair and dark eyes, Pax had red hair and green eyes with freckles. They instantly become inseparable.

For a long time through High School (private, of course), Zander thought he wanted to go to Med School and become a doctor. He never got the grades to make it, and instead decided to defer university for a year to figure out what the hell he wanted. Once he graduated, he moved into a share-flat with some school friends in London. They didn't quite have enough to get the place they wanted, so they lived on Pot Noodle and toast for a few weeks until they could find another flatmate to make up the extra rent. It was here that Zander met Lewis Sheldon, a young American with blue eyes that seemed like they were looking into your soul, an arse that wouldn't quit, and a personal sense of style that intrigued Zander from the get-go.

Lewis was a bit of a mystery to Zander and his friends. He fucked his way around every single one of them, save for one, the only completely straight friend of the group. The rest were either gay or bi (Zander, the latter). Zander could never quite figure Lewis out, who didn't say a word about his life back in America. No matter how much Zander poked and prodded, Lewis always had this way of slipping out of the subject. But for some reason, it didn't matter because Lewis had an infectious personality. He was intelligent, and could talk some people into circles without them realising it. Most interesting of all, Lewis wanted to be a makeup artist, but when Zander asked him why he was overseas and not home studying, Lewis said he wanted to have some fun first.

That was probably why it was such an horrific shock for all of them when Lewis was diagnosed with cancer just after they threw him a huge 19th birthday party. It was a chain of events that lead to it. Lewis had started to "date" an Oncologist, but dating in Lewis' language was repeated fucking without really letting the guy taking him to dinner. All the while, Zander wanted more of said fucking, but Lewis kept him at arm's length. It was an enigma Zander never figured out and it would stick with him in the years to come. After the party, Lewis came down with a terrible flu that had him bedridden. He had a sore throat and chest infection, and it was the most flat any of them had seen him since the first day he walked into their apartment and scoped them all out... not the other way around like it should have been.

Instead of bouncing back after the flu, Lewis didn't get better. It went on for another week and a half, and Zander started to wonder if it was less the flu and more something like mono. He tried to get Lewis to go to a doctor, but he refused, so he had a word with Lewis' "date". Said date hadn't even known Lewis was sick, instead thinking he just lost interest. At that point, he didn't examine Lewis himself, but made him an appointment with a local GP clinic for a doctor to do a home visit. Lewis cancelled it. He dragged himself out of bed later that day and went to work where he was pulling pints at a nearby pub. His argument had been that he didn't have a fever so he was fine. He just needed to get moving.

Three weeks later, Lewis was diagnosed with breast cancer. He didn't tell any of them. It was only when Lewis came home one day and collapsed onto his knees and started puking all over the carpet in the front hall that Zander cottoned onto something being wrong. He made it to Lewis just in time to stop him passing out in the mess and carried him, unconscious, into the living room to get him onto the sofa. Lewis was out cold, and only after getting him a cold cloth to wipe his face did Zander realise Lewis' hair was coming out in clumps when he wiped his forehead into the hairline. He nearly crapped himself. It was a snowball effect of Lewis waking up and breaking down in tears, confessing he had been diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer and had started chemotherapy.

Lewis fought cancer for two years. Although he survived, it was a terrible battle for him. Zander swore he would care for his friend, no matter what it took. His grandparents stepped, agreeing to help pay Lewis' part of the rent and buy food for them as needed. Zander would never be able to thank them enough, and Lewis knew he wouldn't either, though he still swore that one day, he would find a way. It was during this time that Zander made the decision to become a nurse, and specialise in Oncology. He learned a lot in those two years, and grew up incredibly. The Oncologist Lewis had been dating had ultimately pushed Lewis into getting tests and ultimately diagnosed, and talked him into getting chemotherapy when he planned on putting it off so he could see the rest of Europe like he planned.

After Lewis went into remission, he went back to American after he was awarded a prestigious scholarship at one of the top makeup artistry colleges over there. He told Zander he couldn't stay in London anymore. His time there was done. He thought he was going to die, but he hadn't, so he had to take that as a sign to follow his heart. Zander never knew how he felt when it was all said and done. Lewis kept in touch, though it soon become sporadic. Zander realised that for all he and Lewis had been through together, he still knew very little about the guy and that was just who Lewis was. Zander moved on, and hooked up with a fellow nurse for awhile, and the Oncologist Lewis had been dating helped him get a job at one of London's best hospitals.

Now, some years later, Lewis has been in touch with a brief email telling Zander he was coming to London for a brief visit for a friend's wedding, and asked if he wanted to catch up. Zander has no idea what will come of it, but he jumped at it. Now split with his long-term boyfriend, he can't help but wonder if maybe something could spark with Lewis after all these years. He could just never anticipate what would be around the corner for him.

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